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I have frequently served as outside counsel assisting him and have had the opportunity to work with Sam when transactions were proceeding smoothly and also when disputes arose.  Sam’s extensive experience in the legal field coupled with his practical and operation knowledge of the construction industry enabled him to efficiently and effectively negotiate practical solutions. 

In addition to this technical knowledge and expertise (which is extensive and detailed down to the granular level of understanding construction drawings, plans and specifications), Sam possesses an open-minded approach to people and situations, allowing him to relate well to persons from all walks of life.   I think this intangible quality may be the secret to Sam’s uncanny ability recognize and identify the true source of friction when a dispute arises.  It allows him to negotiate a “technically correct” resolution efficiently, respectfully and fairly so that each participant maintains dignity.

~ HA, an attorney


“Sam Sparks is a professional.  His leadership in the field is built on deep experience, giving him the judgement, it takes to find practical solutions to a wide range of problems, most of which he has seen and dealt with as either a lawyer or a businessperson.  He’s uniquely positioned to deliver results that take into account multi-faceted challenges.”

~ Chris, homebuilding executive.


“A deep knowledge of legal issues which affect the real estate industry is what Sam Sparks brings to the table.  Taking a commonsense approach to any issue at hand, Sam ultimately brings of peace of mind to whoever he is working with.”

~ AD, a real estate professional